Interior design and furnishing

Through the interior we communicate our ideas, interests and attitudes.

Character is what is unique to all of us, and in Naftalina we create interiors tailored to the user.

Designers combine patterns patterns, colors and textures with premium materials so that each space is optimised to the needs of those who dwell it.

Our suppliers are world-famous brands that renew their range seasonally, and you can see all the samples in our showrooms.

We offer a complete textile arrangement from the conceptual design to the maintenance service that includes laundering and servicing curtain guides.

Whether it's a private or public space, yachts or cruisers, we will offer you personalized solutions for curtains, carpets, wallpaper, table and bed linen, terrycloths, upholstery and cushions for terraces.

We are often attached to certain pieces of furniture that no longer look new, but we want to keep them. We can help you with it. Naftalina has an upholstery and furniture restoration department. A team of experts will cover your sofa, armchair, chairs with fabric, renew the construction and give them a new look that you can be proud of.

In order to make the decision easier for our clients, we have also introduced the possibility of 3d visualization of conceptual solutions for interior design.

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