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Iza branda Naftalina stoji 40 godina aktivne prisutnosti na tržištu.

A clear vision, a ready response to market demands and changes, innovations and education have positioned Naftalina as a leader and a loyal partner in the field of manufacturing official, catering, medical and work apparel, and complete furnishing of interiors and exteriors with textiles.

Naftalina's family consists of over fifty employees in the sales, design, production, and maintenance departments.

Pod dirigentskom palicom Josipe Maslać Petričević Naftalina je startala kao mala obrtnička radionica davne 1983. godine, da bi danas bila jedna od vodećih industrija u Republici Hrvatskoj u području tekstila. Iz proizvodnih pogona smještenih u 7 hala izlazi roba spremna za isporuku u cijeloj Hrvatskoj, ali i za inozemstvo.

With an eye on trends and demands at the global level has led to constant upgrading and investment in human resources, production and service processes to provide customers with a superior product and complete service in one place, considering time and urgency as a very important element in business.

Fair play is the basis of Naftalina's business.

“We aspire to recognize and then meet the requirements of our customers. It is a two-way street, customers are our compass, we listen to them and respect them, in order to be better with them, and we grow through that process”, they say in Naftalina.

What our clients say about us

For us it is a great pleasure to have been working for many years with such a professional and friendly team of people of Naftalina. Special praises to our dear Matea and Josipa for their eternal loyalty and always perfectly executed work. ”

Ira and Ensar Berber
Mersad Berber Museum Collection

Naftalina's professional and fast reaction of a Croatian company owned by the family of Josipa Petričević, a woman with an impressive long-term entrepreneurial career that I have been following since the 90s when she opened the first denim boutique in Croatia and has remained the same hard-working and thinking entrepreneur that always includes the human factor in business and support for Croatian fashion and production. ”

Snježana Mehun
Duchess womenswear

Naftalina is a business partner who offers a hand of partnership at every stage of cooperation! A hand that always has an idea, a hand that is professional, innovative, expert. With that outstretched hand, every problem turns out to be simple and easily solvable! ”

Andreja Biškupić
Agram Concern

The long-term co-operation between Medika and Naftalina is the proof that the efforts of good corporate clothing designers and meeting deadlines reaps the results and that you don't change the winning team! That's why we'll go along with Naftalina to the new work victories! ”

Herceg Jasminko
Medika CEO

Long-term business co-operation through the school and the association, professionalism at the highest level, well-known good energy has resulted in many successful projects! Thank you Naftalina and keep on! ”

Branko Ognjenović
Academic of Culinary Arts, holder of the prestigious title of World Master Chef, lecturer in gastronomy and gastroenology, founder of the Culinary Studio "Master Chef"

It is a pleasure to have a long-term partner like Naftalina. A partner who always, at any time of day and night, has solutions for all our requirements. Speed, adaptability and customer focus are the greatest virtues that adorn them. ”

Ivica Skočić
Marketing manager Coca-Cola HBC

NAFTALINA, manufacturing, trade, and services company

Marulićeve Judite 2
10020 Zagreb, Hrvatska
owner Josipa Maslać – Petričević

OIB: 87962251332 | ŽR: 2360000-1100707049 | BANK: 2100224020 | IBAN: HR5123600001100707049 | SWIFT: ZABAHR2X

Management | Sales | Consultation

službena i radna odjeća, računovodstvo

Marulićeve Judite 2
10020 Zagreb, Botinec
tel: +385 (0)1 65 46 039
e-mail: info@naftalina.hr
Working hours:
Monday - Friday: 08:00 – 16:00
Interior Design | Manufacturing | Shipping

uređenje prostora, zavjese, jastuci i sjedalice, tapeciranje

Zoranićevih Planina 30g
10020 Zagreb, Botinec
tel: +385 (0)1 65 26 999
e-mail: interijeri@naftalina.hr
Working hours:
Monday - Friday: 08:00 – 16:00
Retail | Consultation

maloprodaja robnih marki, savjetovanje

Masarykova 24
10000 Zagreb
tel: +385 (0)1 48 30 380
e-mail: maloprodaja@naftalina.hr

Working hours:
Monday - Friday: 11:00 –17:00
Saturday: 10:00 –14:00

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