Corporate clothing and workwear

Naftalina is the first choice for many corporations for the design and performance of formal wear. An individual approach to the client, respect for all requirements regarding functionality, and with a distinct aesthetic effect is what we are known for.

Our designers will present models in several variants and, according to your requirements, create complete collections from suits and costumes from upper management through reception staff to the uniforms for maids and cleaners.

Following the world trends in the choice of fabrics allows us manufacturing of comfortable and easily maintainable clothes.

In addition to clothing collections, we will also offer you fashion accessories such as scarves, brooches and gloves through which, with your logo, you will communicate the value of your company and be recognizable.

Airports, hotels, insurance companies, multinational companies and many others (visible in our reference list) are clients who confirm their satisfaction with many years of cooperation, ie the highest level of business relationship - a partnership.

We experience cafes and restaurants, along with their offer, through waiters and waitresses, their service, but also through their appearance. 

A waiter who gives out the impression of tidiness and smoothness with their clothes is our imperative.

A large selection of aprons, different models of shirts, T-shirts, pants and today's accessory, masks with your cafe or restaurant's logo, make up a large part of Naftalina's range.

Basic variants of shirts, T-shirts, pants and aprons are quickly available and what is important, the model you once ordered in Naftalina, you can order again if you want to stay the same style, but in collaboration with our designers you can upgrade or change the style of your employee's clothing in your restaurant or cafe.

A large selection of ready-made chef's uniforms and caps make our offer very attractive in terms of models and colors, and if you want a personalized uniform, our designers will create it.

In order to provide a complete service, we also offer footwear with every clothing model (from salon shoes to orthopedic slippers).

The clothes are functional to wear and easy to maintain.

Naftalina's range also includes protective clothing in a large number of models and color combinations.
Protective trousers, jackets, T-shirts, hats and shoes are seasonally adjusted, so we offer summer and winter variants.

In order for your employees to promote your company during the performance of their tasks, we offer the possibility of machine embroidery or printing your logo on clothing.

We can also offer you protective reusable masks according to existing models or designed according to your requirements.

One part of Naftalina's range consists of clothing for the staff of medical institutions. 

We offer a large selection of attractive models for each staff member.

In our catalog you can see the offer of medical uniforms, uniforms for laboratory technicians, nurses and technicians, uniforms for cleaners. 

Also, the design team is able to create personalized uniforms by which your medical institution will be recognizable.

One of the additional services is the possibility of linking the name and surname of a staff member on a uniform as well as the security logo of your clinic or clinic.

In addition to standard uniforms, we can make disposable protective coats, hats and socks for you.

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