Industrial laundry

In order to make it easier for our clients to upkeep textile products from our offer (restaurant linen, seats, curtains and clothing for medicine and catering), Naftalina offered an industrial laundry service.

The large capacity of the machines enables fast and efficient service, washing, drying and ironing of textiles, and in order for everything to work according to the agreed schedule (which is a prerequisite for fast and efficient delivery), our vehicles collect from you and deliver laundered goods to your address.

If there is a need for repairs (changing the zipper on the chair cushion, sewn button or sewn seam), we are able to do the same so that the goods come to you clean and ready to use.

In addition to washing and ironing curtains, we also offer the possibility of removing and hanging them, as well as any necessary servicing of curtain guides or suspension systems.


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